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Who We Help | We work alongside, and partner with, small and medium-sized enterprise (SMEs) owners. We provide an outsourced bookkeeping, accounting and financial management service for your business.


We understand the complex nature of the NHS and the private practice sector; including dentists, vets, opticians and many more. For example, the constant changes faced by the medical profession and the impact of government legislation on primary care.

Platinum One Accountants can help you optimise your business by providing a bespoke accounting service, such as monthly reviews of expenditure, prepare cash flow projections and generally oversee practice finances on a regular basis.

We offer four accountancy packages: Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze |

Freelancers & Consultants

We understand that Freelancers and Consultants generally have a specialised skill set. This means their accounts can be considered dynamic.

For example, a business with an irregular revenue stream requires a set of accounts that takes this into consideration. Platinum One Accountants offer a robust accounting system, by providing a tailored accountancy package to meet the needs of Freelancers and Consultants.

We offer four accountancy packages: Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze |

Property Management

At Platinum One Accountants, we provide specialist solutions for our clients from estate agents, lettings agents, landlords and property investors.

As with all big financial investments, there are some really important questions you need to answer before you consider a property investment. With the support of our specialist property accountants and service charge accountants, you can confidently harness this versatile investment area, whether you wish to broaden your property portfolio or manage your rental properties/accounts.

We can help you make important decisions and guide you through this complicated industry. For example, any individual who receives income from letting a property has to declare this to the HM Revenue & Customs, even if they do not make a profit.

We offer four accountancy packages: Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze |


At Platinum One Accountants, we understand that entrepreneurs are by their very nature dynamic people with a clear vision and a desire to get things done promptly.

As an entrepreneur, you should be focused on running and financing your business, not having the burden of sorting your accounting systems and processes. Platinum One Accountants can provide the following services, which can be of help:

  • Quality and professional Bookkeeping and Payroll.
  • Fast turnaround of taxation and other accounting tasks.
  • Rapid access to personal and business financial statistics.
  • Growing and diversifying your business.
  • General business advice.

We offer four accountancy packages: Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze |

Professional Services

There is a broad spectrum of professional services that require high standards. This includes doctors, lawyers, surveyors, architects, engineers and consultants.

In fact, this term is often used to describe any service that has a foundation based on a high level of training, experience and qualification. This is of vital importance, as reputation for providing a quality service is fundamental. At Platinum One Accountants, we also consider ourselves as a professional service and our objective is to provide a service matching your high standards. Professional Services face many challenges and these include:

  • Complying with increased government regulation.
  • Managing change in the business.
  • Operating the business and associated processes efficiently.
  • Operating a tax efficient structure.

We offer four accountancy packages: Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze |

Retail Sector

At Platinum One Accountants, we offer a wide range of accounting business services, specifically for the retail sector.

No two enterprises are the same, so we will look at your business on an individual basis. For example, we offer the provision of a comprehensive stock and margin report which has many benefits such as reducing wastage, minimising theft and pricing adjustments to increase profit margins.

We also offer the following services which is a part of our comprehensive package:

  • Bookkeeping.
  • Payroll and HR Management.
  • Staff pension schemes and Auto Enrolment.
  • Break-even analysis and cost control.
  • VAT and Tax advice.
  • Cash flow forecasting.
  • Growing and diversifying your business.
  • Succession planning.
  • General business advice.

We offer four accountancy packages: Platinum | Gold | Silver | Bronze |