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Accounting Services for Landlords

Whether you are a landlord of one property or you have a portfolio of properties, we will provide a bespoke service which covers specific landlord needs. We will assist you with the preparation of landlord accounts from start to finish. For landlords, Platinum One Accountants also offer cash flow forecasting, capital gains tax advice and general tax advice.

Income received from letting a property has to be declared to the HM Revenue & Customs, hence, landlords are legally obliged to submit Annual Rental Accounts and a self Assessment Tax Return. At Platinum One Accountants we ensure that you get one-to-one expert advice to ensure that all accounting requirements are in place from the start.

Landlord Accounting Services include:

Specialised Accounting Software

Maintaining an accurate Bookkeeping system with our ‘Specialised Accounting Software’ to ensure that all income and expenses can be reconciled. 

Professional Landlord Service

A ‘Professional Landlord Service’ and system which will aid in the maintenance of recording and filing of costs and expenses incurred.

Capital Expenditure Deductions

Furniture, fixtures and fittings purchased for your properties, general wear and tear, management expenses, utility bills and other miscellaneous expenses.

Allowable Expenses

Ensuring expert advice is given concerning all ‘Allowable Expenses’ that are tax deductible. You will also be required to complete a Self Assessment form.

Tax Advice

Whether you rent properties through a Letting Agent or not, ensure that all fees and other expenses incurred are accounted for.

General Landlord Advice

With plenty of other important ‘General Landlord Advice’ we can offer assistance, support and information, how to organise your properties securely and efficiently.

Platinum One Accountants has the experience and expertise to manage the whole process seamlessly for you. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.