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Taxation Advise

Tax Investigation

Tax investigations can be extremely stressful, time consuming and potentially damaging to your business reputation, not to mention expensive if penalties are imposed. A VAT registered business can expect a routine tax inspection every few years, checking all your records and tax compliance systems. Every year HMRC carry out thousands of tax investigations whether related to Tax, Corporation Tax, PAYE or VAT. Some of these are simply enquiries, compliance checks, reviews, audits or sometimes just a set of questions.

Tax Investigation Services:

Our Tax team will maintain your records, keep all your accounts up-to-date, make payments on time on your behalf and submit all your returns in a timely manner to reduce the need for HMRC to investigate.

Platinum One Accountants can advise you on the following:

  • HMRC Investigations.
  • HMRC disputes and appeals.
  • PAYE, Corporate or VAT investigations.
  • Formal and informal enquiries which are dealt with by local HMRC offices.
  • Attend meetings with HMRC on your behalf.

If you have been notified that HMRC wish to conduct an investigation into your tax affairs you will need an expert by your side who understands tax legislation, HMRC operational procedures and the areas they are likely to focus on.

We can attend meetings with HMRC on your behalf, negotiating with them to reach a fair settlement and a repayment period that is affordable to you and/or your business.