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Platinum One Payroll Services

Switching to Platinum One Payroll

We provide outsourced payroll solutions to businesses from a wide range of sectors. Platinum One’s Implementation Team is here to make sure it happens. Wherever your payroll is currently handled, the handover process does not need to be stressful and we have a step by step process to ensure that your payroll is transferred accurately and within your payroll deadlines.

We believe in making payroll work for you – simply, reliably and effectively. It is our core business and we aim to be a flawless extension of your business. With our team of experts in Payroll, Pension, UK Tax obligations and client services, our solutions are 100 % versatile and easily customised to your specific needs.

Switching to Platinum One Payroll Services:

Key benefits to switching to Platinum One Payroll:

  • Dedicated transfer team – we appoint a dedicated transfer team to help you through the process. Their job is to take you through each stage, manage all of your payroll needs and settle you in.
  • Liaise with provider – we will contact your existing provider to get the information we need.
  • Implementation Guide – we will issue you with an Implementation Guide which is a comprehensive document that will guide you through the transfer and implementation process.
  • Payroll accuracy – we often find that there are existing errors in payrolls when we take them over. At the initial stages of set-up, our payroll team will be working with you to ensure the highest level of accuracy from the outset.


  • Speed of transfer – with 25 years of experience in managing payrolls, we have the experience to ensure the transfer and setting up of your first payroll is quick and efficient.
  • Handling queries – once you have made the decision to outsource your payroll to Platinum One, the last thing you want is to have to handle any queries from staff. Platinum One Payroll will help you answer employee queries.
  • Smoothing the transfer – in order to help you and your staff with the transition we can offer your staff a drop-in-day to go through any payroll issues they may have.
  • Honest pricing – the price we quote is the price you will pay. So no hidden surprises at year end.


By sending HM Revenue & Customs a 64-8 form, we can become your agent for all your PAYE matters. This means we have your permission to discuss any PAYE related matter direct with HMRC on your company’s behalf. We can also submit your end of year returns online to HMRC on your behalf.

By becoming your PAYE Agent for online services, we can have access to vital payroll related data on your behalf. We can download the latest tax code changes and student loans notices for your staff and apply them immediately. We can upload any P45s and P46s to HMRC as soon as your payroll is processed.


Platinum One Accountants has the experience and expertise to manage the whole process seamlessly for you. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.