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Platinum One Payroll Services

Professional Implementation

Our dedicated Implementation Team work to a phased system that has been developed to understand your payroll, business and systems; define your payroll needs and design the processes to deliver to your requirements; run systems in parallel to ensure everything is working well in all aspects before taking over the payroll.

Regular communication takes place during the implementation phase to ensure that you are kept informed and up-to-date with progress.

Professional Implementation Service:

The implementation plan and timetable will be finalised and agreed between you and the Implementation Team. The plan will contain all the necessary steps required to take your payroll forward to live processing with Platinum One Payroll Service. All payrolls are different but by using this process we can make sure we are delivering what you want and that all systems and processes are working before we go live.

When your first live payroll run is completed, the Implementation Team will carry out detailed checks of all aspects of your payroll run to confirm that everything is running smoothly. You will then be assigned to a Payroll Manager who will ensure the smooth running of your ongoing payroll.

Step 1: Preparation & Understanding

We will start by discussing your requirements and the process you currently use. This will give us a fundamental understanding of your business and workforce including any current and future issues that need to be addressed. If you are a new employer and not yet registered with HM Revenue & Customs under PAYE, Platinum One Payroll can put this in place for you and guide you through everything you need to know.

Step 3: Documents

You can send your data in whole range of different ways, but the most popular is by spreadsheet. No matter which format you choose, you can rest assured that we will ensure your data is secure, every step of the way.

Step 5: Payslips & Reports

We will process the payroll and then send you the BACS payment listing and copy payslips, together with the reports. We can also make BACS payments on your behalf.We can post payslips direct to your employees or post them to you for distribution. We can also send e-payslips to each employee by email notification. The data is then backed up ready to process for the next pay period.

All payroll reports will be emailed and they will contain the net salary figures for your employees as well the Tax and National Insurance Contributions that should be paid.

Step 2: Identify & Development

Having explored and understood your business we work with you to identify your payroll requirements. We will map out what processes will be needed in order to deliver the payroll service you require by including all the points of interaction with the company, its employees and Platinum One Payroll.

Step 4: The Pay Run

If your employees are on fixed salaries or wages we will simply ask you to confirm whether there have been any changes for that month before each pay run. If there are usually variations each month or week, then we’ll ask you to return the schedule to us before each pay run with the details for each employee. This could be hours worked, overtime, change of salary, deductions, sickness etc.

Step 6: Ongoing

As your Agent, we will receive notification direct from HM Revenue & Customs advising any changes affecting employees. This could be change of Tax Code, start of Student Loan deductions, notification of National Insurance Numbers, Attachment of Earnings, impending Legislation changes and much more. Employee records are then updated accordingly. You will have your own dedicated Payroll Manager who will be familiar with your company and payroll.

We can also arrange to review contracts of employment and employee handbooks, etc, and make sure that you comply with all employer’s requirements.

Platinum One Accountants has the experience and expertise to manage the whole process seamlessly for you. Please contact us for a free initial consultation.